Thursday, December 15, 2011

lost hope :(

Well seen the OBGYN, fetal specialist, and prenatal hospice today and it didnt go so well. Brayden's arms and legs are 5 weeks off on growth and his feet are bowed. His chest cavity is small so there is a very low chance that he will survive at all .. he will most likely have to be put on life support when he is born and if so we are choosing to let it in gods hands and let things happen how they are suppose to and spend as much time with brayden while we can. Its a very hard and sad thing to deal with but we are taking it one day at a time. The Only positive things we heard today is that Brayden is now 3 pounds and for future if chris and i want to have children this most likely would never happen to us again. We are preparing for the worst but we will always love brayden and he will always be our first child. Maybe he will come out and things will turn out better than we are planning for, but i dont put my hopes up to much for that considering the way things are looking now. I still will be seeing the obgyn every 2 weeks to see our little guy and dr barsoom the fetal specialist once a month.. we meet with the prenatal hospice lady nancy in 4 weeks with dr barsoom to talk about preparing for brayden's death more when chris can go with (today he had to work) . Here are pictures of brayden from today 29 weeks 5 days. hes got such a cute pouty face..
love his pouty face

his poor little leg and foot

his foot

his cute face

Monday, December 5, 2011

December 1st regular OB appt

Well this last week on thursday i had a regular OB checkup and was suppose to get the digestional diabetes test done but had gotten the flu so couldnt do it. I also was suppose to meet with our Hospice nurse (nancy) that day for the first meeting but was to sick to go so now it is rescheduled with the appointments on December 15th. Brayden is doing good as of now his growth is still off but he is still a little active bugger and his heart is good :) here is our side view picture that we got that day. Ill keep this updated when we go to the next doctor appointments with Dr Barsoom, Regular OB, and the Hospice nurse on the 15th.