Thursday, January 26, 2012

great doctor appointment :)

Everything went great today at the doctor. Brayden weighs 6 lbs 4 oz and is measuring perfectly other than the normal news his legs are still 5 weeks behind. I had asked the doctor today if she thought brayden has enough fluid on his brain to make him have a mental disability and she said no, its not even likely that he will need a shunt. He is practicing his breathing and swallowing normally. He also has good brain activity moves his fingers quite a bit ect. The surgery schedule-er is suppose to call me tomorrow or monday to set up my c-section for 39 weeks so we are trying for friday feb 17th if we can get that day.. which is only 3 weeks away :) mommy is excited to meet her little guy. We didnt get any good pictures today because he was being a little squirmer.. but i seen him yawn and his eyes were open again. I think hes ready to meet his mommy and daddy !! hehe. Hoping for a little miracle everyday, still preparing ourselves for the worst. He seems to be doing pretty good though !!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on our little man

Short update on brayden:
GOOD NEWS! he was 3 pounds 7 ounces last time i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and they were sort of concerned that he was slowing down on growth... but today he is 4 pounds 15 ounces.. hes becoming a little chunker :) Im excited about that. He opened his eyes today on camera which the nurse said that doesnt happen to often so she hurried and got a picture .. its not that great of one but its still amazing he did that for mom and dad!! We love seeing him on camera but I dont see dr barsoom anymore which means no more good pictures :( so this will be the last one i upload. As far as it goes with his length in his arms and legs they are still measuring behind 5 weeks and they can only get measurements of his thigh's because of the way he is sitting.. not to mention RIGHT ON MY BLADDER ( so i always have to pee every 20 minutes it seems like ). A little more good news... his chest cavity wasnt a big concern today as much as it was last time i seen dr barsoom .. its small but not to abnormal :)  I dont see dr barsoom anymore because brayden is stable now i only see the main OBGYN every 2 weeks until the end... 7 weeks left... hes almost here.. we have mixed emotions about the whole deal considering his condition but still have little amounts of hope that we get a miracle. Also we seen him practicing his breathing today, which is good. so we got a little bit of the normal crappy news that we hope ends up turning out better than it is sounding now and then we also got some good news today.

the picture of him with his eyes open
We seen the hospice nurse today to and have it set up that when i have brayden if he cant breathe on his own they put the little mask on him to clear out whatever fluid is in his lungs and bag air into him a few times and see if he starts breathing on his own .. if he doesn't make much of an effort on his own we will go from there with intubating him until we get the diagnosis of everything and see what is all going on and then will make decisions after all of that. We are just HOPING we dont have to be making any life span decisions though since they dont exactly know anything until he comes out. brayden has his own plan and we have to wait to figure it out . Hopefully his plan is to end up coming home with mom and dad :) but we are still preparing ourselves for the worst. The hospice nurse along with the neonatologist and some other practitioners will be in the delivery room with us helping us with our questions about his breathing IF he even needs help. ect