Thursday, February 2, 2012

36 weeks 5 days

Doctor appointment today was okay, not really all that i wanted to hear though. Brayden hasnt gained any weight since last week but my doctor said that its normal sometimes they stay the same weight or even weigh a little less and that she will be more concerned next week if he hasnt gained any, which i hope that he does. His heart rate was a little bit lower today but as long as it doesnt get under 110 he should be fine, it was 122 bpm. He was moving alot though, didnt get to see his face or anything because hes to big in there and all scrunched up, im just ready to meet our little guy!! I have been so itchy lately and my doctor said sometimes pregnant people just get that way, so i got some benedryl hopefully that helps but had to get my blood drawn to make sure that it isnt something that can cause still birth, YIKES i hope not :( Im just all worried now. But on a good note my c-section is scheduled for Feb 17th at 8:45 in the morning, im excited/scared i hope everything goes better than what doctors tell us i have faith though.

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  1. I was SOOOOOO itchy with my boys. I had what was called PUPPPs rash all over my belly. Some studies say its an allergic reaction to the testosterone from having a boy. If its on your belly the found that using a baking soda paste works wonders...but its super messy! Hoping Brayden gains weight next week!