Friday, March 30, 2012

genetics appointment

Chris and I had an appointment with dr olney (genetics councilor and shes great) about chris and i's future with having children. It actually went pretty good.. she doesn't recommend that Chris and i get testing done and that we have a 3 to 5 percent chance of having another child with campomelic dysplasia, SOOO eventually we are going to try again. I am still going to be scared during the pregnancy but if we get a healthy baby it will be worth it. I am thinking about keeping this blog going even though it was made specifically for Brayden.. we still miss him and he will never be forgotten so of course he will still be in the blog just after i started blogging i don't want to stop :) .  A day doesn't ever go by without me thinking about Brayden and what it would be like if he could of survived with campomelic dysplasia and what our lives would be like.. he was such a cute little booger. Mommy loves you little guy <3 . Anyway, that was it for the short update.
bye friends

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