Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Brayden

There is never a day that goes by that i dont think about you, i miss you so much. I wish i could hold you, feed you, love on you and give you kisses, and take care of you but instead all i can do is think about you and know that your watching over your mom and dad. I have learned to accept it but sometimes its hard because im left wondering why this had to happen. Why you had to be sick and couldnt come home with us. I know this happened for a reason and the short 3 days of your life i enjoyed every minute that i spent with you.. those 3 days of your life mean so much to me and i will never forget them.  The night you took out your breathing tube we knew it was now up to you to decide if you belonged in god's home or with your family..  i enjoyed getting to hold you without having to be careful because of your tubes it didnt feel right with all of those tubes.. i know you werent comfortable and plus you looked SO beautiful without them. Mommy loves you so much little guy. Hopefully someday mommy and daddy will have you a little brother or sister we can tell them all about you and how much you changed our life. We will always remember you, you are never forgotten <3

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  1. Kristen every time I hear (or read) you talk about Brayden It brings tears to my eyes, There is such love in your words to him and about him it is amazing. I just want you to know I love and still think of you daily and of Brayden. I miss his little face and fingers and toes. He was a gift and touched many and he will never be forgotten